Monday, November 5, 2012

A new word: Jacketeers!

I received a picture from Lorraine the other day of her Denim Jacket made from Nancy Erickson's pattern #1945. We did the jacket fitting in Tailoring Boot Camp, and she has been making beautiful, well fitted jackets ever since!
To sew the lining in the jacket, she used Shannon Gifford's "Stitch and Flip" technique featured in a Thread's article some time ago. Even though Shannon is sadly no longer with us, her technique still lives on.
Lorraine described herself as one of my Jacketeers. I LOVE that word!!!
So...from now on, everyone who makes a jacket with me in Tailoring Boot Camp will become a Jacketeer!

She also used a binding method from Mary Ray ( to bind the collar and lapels of her denim jacket, so that as it wears it will start to fray. How neat!
So, here are the pictures she sent me: