Sunday, April 7, 2013

Variations on a Theme

Now that many of you have made "The Classic Tailored Shirt", why not try to make a variation of a Classic.

Here are some pictures of shirts from "The Vault". One is made in Silk Charmeuse, and if you look closely enough, you will see that the print is: "Lions and Tigers and Bears" (Oh My!!). When I saw this piece of fabric in the store, I couldn't resist -it was calling my name! One of my favorite movies is "The Wizard of Oz", so this beautiful silk had to come home with me.

Another is a rare Byron Lars Vogue pattern #1420. It is quite complicated to make, but I enjoyed every minute of it! I took a picture of the front and back for you to see.

This one is a Vogue 2396 that is discontinued, but is a great shirt if you can find it. I added about 2 inches to lengthen it. You may remember this pattern, it was styled for the model to look like Audrey Hepburn. This is the white shirt on the pattern cover. I made it in Lt. Blue cotton Broadcloth.
As you can probably see, I tend to like clothes that do "tricks". All of these have a tie, and/or wrap in some way.
This last one is a Burda Magazine pattern, included with the line drawing from the magazine. It was made in Brown herringbone weave linen. It is cross dyed linen, because it has black threads in the weave.

All of these shirts were fun to make and are fun to wear. Let's see your "Variations". Join me at and post some of the shirts you've made. I can't wait to "meet" you" in my class, "The Classic Tailored Shirt"!