Monday, November 5, 2012

A new word: Jacketeers!

I received a picture from Lorraine the other day of her Denim Jacket made from Nancy Erickson's pattern #1945. We did the jacket fitting in Tailoring Boot Camp, and she has been making beautiful, well fitted jackets ever since!
To sew the lining in the jacket, she used Shannon Gifford's "Stitch and Flip" technique featured in a Thread's article some time ago. Even though Shannon is sadly no longer with us, her technique still lives on.
Lorraine described herself as one of my Jacketeers. I LOVE that word!!!
So...from now on, everyone who makes a jacket with me in Tailoring Boot Camp will become a Jacketeer!

She also used a binding method from Mary Ray ( to bind the collar and lapels of her denim jacket, so that as it wears it will start to fray. How neat!
So, here are the pictures she sent me:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Announcing: "The Classic Tailored Shirt" @

In September, I went to Denver, CO to film a class for Craftsy! It is "The Classic Tailored Shirt".
In this class you will learn to use classic tailoring techniques to make a shirt for women and men.
I will cover: front bands, collars and collar stands, cuffs. plackets, button placement, shirt tail hems,
flat felled seam finish, and much more!
One of the great things about Craftsy is that when you sign up for a class, you can watch it as many
times as you want, whenever you want. Your access NEVER expires!
So, come on over to: and join me on a Classic Shirtmaking Journey!
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Announcing a new class at CRAFTSY!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ginny's Shirt- Fini !

Here is the picture of Ginny's shirt, complete with buttonholes and beautiful Mother of Pearl buttons.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

ASG Shirtmaking Class- Feb.3 & 4 2012 Pictures!

It's been awhile since I've been able to post, but here are (finally!) some pictures from my ASG Atlanta Shirtmaking Class held here in Atlanta on Feb. 3 & 4, 2012. The event was held at SEFA (Southeast Fiber Arts Association). It is a great location for sewing classes, etc., because the lighting and size of the room is perfect! There were 20 + students there, and the talent/skill level in our Atlanta group is unmatched (in my opinion). Everyone had a great time and hopefully learned more precision sewing techniques.
Here is a picture of Ginny in her beautiful blue shirt. It is a Vogue pattern and she made a muslin prior to the class for a perfect fit! Martha also sent some pictures of her Shirtmaking adventures. The first 2 are of a Vogue Ralph Rucci design and the last 3 are of a pattern by Louise Cutting.

Also, here are a couple of pictures from the class. The shirt I'm wearing is a discontinued Vogue pattern by designer, Byron Lars. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Upcoming ASG Atlanta event: Shirtmaking Techniques

I wanted you to know about an upcoming ASG Atlanta educational event. I am teaching a class on Shirtmaking Techniques. It will be held on Friday and Saturday, February 4th & 5th.
Many of the techniques being taught were shown on a segment of "Sew Much More" that I taped with host Susan Khalje on the DIY network.
Please check out for more info on this and many other events.

SWAP Knits Wardrobe- Class with ASG Atlanta

As you can tell, it's been a busy year! Here are some pictures from the October 2011 SWAP Knits Wardrobe class sponsored by ASG Atlanta. Everyone had a great time, and hopefully learned lots of great techniques for sewing with knit fabrics.
Thanks to Martha M. for sharing these pictures!