Friday, January 14, 2011

My Friend, Fred

Most of you know about the passing of Fred Bloebaum. She was well known by all of us in the
sewing world as a great teacher, pattern designer, and Fashionista Extraordinaire.
I will always remember her as a very good Friend. I met her at the Original Sewing & Quilt
Expo many years ago. She allowed me to try on one her jackets and even sent me a swatch of the fabric that the jacket was made from.

When I taught at my first Expo, I asked if she would allow me to sell her patterns there. She agreed and packed them up to ship them across the country from Oakland, CA. After the show was over, I sent the excess patterns to her for a show she was going to do in another city. She did this for me based on mutual respect and TRUST.

When she would come to Atlanta for a show, we would get together with some other wonderful
ladies to have dinner and "catch up".

A few years ago, I got the opportunity to visit my sister in Modesto. I called Fred to let her know
and she invited me to come to Oakland to spend a day fabric shopping. You all know that I was in "Heaven"!!
Of course the fabric went into my "stash", but when I found out that she was not well, I got my sewing "mojo" back. I started making garments from the fabrics purchased when we were together.
Every time I get a chance to wear those clothes, I will think of her, and miss her.
My friend, Fred.

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