Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Announcing: "The Classic Tailored Shirt" @ Craftsy.com

In September, I went to Denver, CO to film a class for Craftsy! It is "The Classic Tailored Shirt".
In this class you will learn to use classic tailoring techniques to make a shirt for women and men.
I will cover: front bands, collars and collar stands, cuffs. plackets, button placement, shirt tail hems,
flat felled seam finish, and much more!
One of the great things about Craftsy is that when you sign up for a class, you can watch it as many
times as you want, whenever you want. Your access NEVER expires!
So, come on over to: www.craftsy.com and join me on a Classic Shirtmaking Journey!
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  1. Dear Pamela,

    I really just want to thank you again so much for your wonderful Craftsy course!
    I just finished making my daughter a shirt, and it turned out very satisfactorily, and it's all thanks to you! :-)
    As a self-taught sewist, with many a "wadder" to show for my efforts, this is no small achievement!
    For the longest time, although I *wanted* to sew, I have found it terribly stressful and therefore procrastinated as much as possible, before getting anything done, and then, because I was rushing, I made silly mistakes, just re-enforcing the cycle.

    On your course, you encouraged us to take our time, you showed us many useful, solid basics, and you just made it all so *do-able*!
    When I had pinned the pattern to the fabric, for my daughter's shirt, I confidently took up the scissors and began to cut.
    Normally at that stage, I am a gibbering wreck! After all, until I actually CUT the fabric, it has the potential to be anything.
    All through the sewing, I had your voice in my head, telling me to take as much time as I needed to get it the way I wanted, to use as many pins as I needed, to tell me it's looking pretty good.
    I am SO grateful for all the little tips and techniques you showed us in the course, but also for being the new voice in my head!
    {{{{{{{ thank you! }}}}}}}
    I don't know if you *want* to do anymore courses with Craftsy, but I hope you do! I will take ANY course you teach, because I will learn stacks more, and I really hope you do a blazer/jacket course, or trousers.... :-)

    Thank you again! Very best wishes to you and your family!
    from Tracy (aka SparkleSpinner)