Thursday, May 6, 2010

ASG National Convention August 4-9, 2010 Atlanta

Just a note to invite y'all to the ASG National Convention. It will be held in Atlanta, GA this year, August 4-9, 2010 at the downtown Hilton.

I have been invited to teach! My classes are: 1)Lay Out, Cut Out 101 (things you need to know about laying out your fabrics, more efficient ways to cut out your garments, how to lay out plaids, stripes, one way designs, etc. 2)Confessions of a Professional Dressmaker- The Remix(necessary info when choosing to turn your hobby into a business, and lessons I've learned along the way). 3) Welt Pockets and Bound Buttonholes (a step by step method to make professional looking Couture details).
Sample garments I've made will be there for you to see at every class.

I hope you are able to attend. Lots of sewing friends from around the country will be there.

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  1. I'm so happy that you have a blog.
    CarlaF-in Atlanta