Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jacket Tailoring: A Journey with Pam Howard

At the New Year, six ASG sewing friends set out on a Journey to create a couture jacket under the expert guidance of Pamela Howard. We ate; we sewed; we slept-and when we slept, we dreamed of jackets. We were six women bound by one happy obsession: the quest for the perfect jacket.

Successful completion of our jackets pivoted upon a well fitted muslin; however, since few possess the perfect physique, the well fitted muslin was a hard won item.
Pam's consumate dressmaking skills guides us from problem recognition to problem resolution. She encouraged us to boldly face challenges; tackle obstacles, and release long held misconceptions concerning our body shape. In the end, all six women were rewarded with six unique muslins ready for reincarnation or style modifications.

With a muslin in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other, six serious seamstresses stared down at their three yards of sumptuous fabric. The yardage was sliced into fifteen major pieces accompanied by a small covey of welts, pocket bags, and a facing or two. We stitched, restitched, trimmed, shaped, and pressed our way through the pieces until they amazingly bore a likeness to the jacket of our dreams.

At the beginning of January, six ASG sewing friends set out to make the perfect jacket. By January's end, we became far more than sewing friends. We entered into a sewing sisterhood. All possibility of that conversion rests in the talented hands of Pamela Howard. Her generous spirit and expert skill fostered an environment in which the friendly exchange of ideas and techniques flourished and success assured.

written by Gail Kelley, ASG Atlanta
re-printed with permission from the Newletter Editor, ASG Atlanta

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