Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tailoring Boot Camp

The following article was published in the ASG Newsletter earlier this year. As soon as I am able to upload some pictures from the class, I will.

This class is not for the "faint of heart", it's a lot of work, but very rewarding.
That's why I call it "Tailoring Boot Camp" (thanks to Lynn!)

The original "Boot Camp" format was three full days and two half days of fitting muslins and making the jacket. Class members would stay at a Bed and Breakfast here in GA, and we would fit and sew from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. It was tough!
I decided to go back to the old format and do the class with six class dates. The time in between is for doing homework or catch up if needed. I will most likely start another Boot Camp around September 2010 after the ASG Convention in August.

I have a six(6) person maximum for each session. Please contact me if you would like some info!

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